9+1 is a creative collective based in Japan which goal is to create future possibilities of traditional craft.


 Craftscape is one of the early art piece that 9+1 created. It is a light installation which take advantage of the reflective nature of natural lacquer.



Using Kintsugi as a metaphor, the line of gold that appear on the surface of the repaired ceramic works as a conductive surface, with which we can interact to control a nearby light.



This installation uses a spherical object coated with Urushi as a reflective surface for the light. The light source moves like a pendulum and creates images of a distorted space with time.


 We reimagine the intersection of craft and wearable technology by combining new conductive material with traditional textile practice.



Craftcircuit uses the traditional material Urushi lacquer as an insulator and the gold leaf as a conductor to create an electronic circuit.



This project proposes a new form of smart speaker “Craftalk” where traditional material such as Japanese lacquer and mother of pearl are used as functional ornament.